Sunday, February 12, 2006

College Update

As of right now I've been accepted to URI, UNH and Memorial University of Newfoundland. I'm still waiting to hear from Boston University and McGill.
I did some research today on Memorial and the city of St. John's (where Memorial U is located) and apparently St. John's is the Canadian equivalent of Seattle, weather-wise. Also, it is a 31 hour drive or a $400 plane ticket away from here. The option of coming home to do my laundry is...well...not an option.
Not that it is for any of my schools that I might attend. I really, really, don't want to go to URI. And the more I think about UNH, the less appealing it becomes. It just seemed too quiet for me, and far too isolated. At least St. John's is a city, albeit a foggy, rainy, windy, snowy one.
Also, a fun fact: George Street in St. John's has the most bars per square foot than any other street in North America. And the drinking age in Canada is 18.


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